Experience Based Team Building Trainings

Experienteam module includes learning games which participants are challenged with situations where they need to act as a team in order to reach the success. Learning games are both for indoor and outdoor trainings.

Team work needs basic skills such as coordination, communication, problem solving, strategy developing, creativity, patience, and management skills. Within the learning games participants are experiencing the need of these skills and having the opportunity to implement them.



Soft Skill Development in Sport Events

Sporthink module is specially designed for sport events, players and coaches. The module includes learning games which are adapted and integrated to sport activities. The module focuses on soft-skills development of the sport people.

This module is applicable for professional and amateur sport organizations for improving the team work and communication skills inside the teams as well as in sport camps where non-professional kids and youngsters are attending for social development purposes.



Volunteer Training Solutions

Volunteers need to be trained for some certain skills in order to work in a team, intercultural event, under stress, in intensive communication, dealing with risks, conflicts and crisis. This training module is designed for volunteers to gain the necessary skills and competences.

In many local and international events volunteers are playing and important role. While the event is an opportunity for their personal development, the volunteers are one of the key actors for the success of the events. Beside the orientation meetings the volunteers need to have a well-designed training program for a better team work.



Sustainable Project Cycling Management Training

Project Cycling Management and Logical Framework Approach are essential knowledge both for profit and non profit organizations in order to better plan and implement their projects and benefit from national and international grant programs.

S-PCM is an innovative training module of DeM. Participants are attending to a long term training program where they are implementing every concept that they learn. During the program participants are developing and writing real projects as a practice of the training. This process is supported by the coaching of DeM Project Experts.