“Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” A. Einstein
DeM International Experiential Training Centers are developing, implementing and providing training activities for soft-skills development and social competences. We are using experiential learning games and simulations for self and social awareness.






We are using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Approach & Methodology.

TRAINING ACTIVITIES/Tailor Made Training Programs

Every learner has a different learning style. Each organization has different learning needs. Thus every training program should be unique. Experienced trainers of the Union from five countries designing and creating learning programs according to the needs and styles of the learners. This is how we call tailor made trainings.


We are developing special and unique training modules in different themes.

Essentials of Our Training Programs

TRAINING ACTIVITIES/Group Dynamics and Trust: Each individual is different and learns in a different way. We begin our trainings with identifying the profiles of participants and their learning needs. The first part is special for preparing the group to the learning process through increasing group dynamics and the trust in the group. The learners in the group must trust to each other in order to share their emotions, thoughts and impressions easily after all experience. Therefore, before simulations and learning games in the experience stage, the sense of trust is carefully constructed by trainers.

TRAINING ACTIVITIES/Experience, Observation and Hypothesis: The group which is ready for the learning process, participates in the simulation game. In this artificial experiencing process the learners judges situations and behaves in incidents as in real life. After the experience, debrief session comes. The group shares own emotions and observations with each other. Participants associates the observations and feelings with the realities and concepts in the real life. At this point, the individual reaches various awareness and abstract hypothesis about him/herself and others.

TRAINING ACTIVITIES/Life Long Learning: The last essential element in our trainings is sharing suitable tools with participants to make them improve themselves in life long learning perspective in the frame of the topic and to continue their learning process. The trainings which are delivered in a short time will be a starting point for the participants. After this point, experiential learning process will continue individually. To initiate this process in a right way, we give suitable atmosphere, time and tools about the topic to participants for self evaluation, individual learning analysis and personal future planning.