• Istituto Comprensivo “Ennio Quirino Visconti” (IT)
    • Dipartimento di Fisica - Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata (IT)
    • Cofora (NL)
    • Valsts izglītības satura centrs VISC (LV)
    • MOISELLE LE BLANC a r.l. (IT)



    Long Term Project

    Cooperative Development

    Vocational Development


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    Science At Theatre (SAT) project fosters a didactic methodology based on the transfer of the Science contents foreseen in the compulsory education curriculum through the application of drama techniques. The method has been developed by the Department of Physic of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and the Cultural Association “IL Globetto” and is the result of a long-standing experience (over ten years) in producing, organizing and divulgating “Science performances” addressed to low secondary students. Within the project the SAT methodology will be transferred in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Latvia and The Netherlands.


    Main features and results of the SAT method

    • Mixing the experimental, interactive and cooperative approach with the recreational and technical elements of drama;

    • Students education to “rational thinking” and to the application of “logical reasoning”;

    • Fostering the creative attitude of students and educating them to teamworking;

    • Valorisation of the teaching of Science disciplines;

    • Improvement of students’ learning outcomes related to science contents;

    • Training a new profile: the “science educator-entertainer”.


    Main goals

    • Updating the competences of Secondary Education teachers of Science subjects (Chemistry and Physics in particular) transferring them the theoretical and practical principles of the SAT methodology.

    • Increased motivation of students in general and the ones “at risk” (school leaving/failure) in particular, in studying and learning scientific contents.

    • Divulgation of practices/experiences fostering the design of innovative (non traditional) didactic materials/tools.

    • Fostering the achievement of EU benchmarks related to the increase of enrolment rates in science field of study at tertiary education level.

    • Promoting the networking between Schools and Universities working in the same territory.


    Main actions and products

    Survey on methodologies and training practices similar to the one promoted by the project, addressed to teachers of scientific subjects in IT, LV, NL, GR, TR.

    Production of didactical Modules on specific contents of Chemistry and Physics, in Italy and Latvia.

    Training workshops on SAT model, addressed to secondary school teachers and trainers, in Italy and Latvia.

    SAT Workshops addressed to secondary school students, in Italy and Latvia.

    Production of scripts/storyboards on specific scientific contents (chemistry and physics), in Italy and Latvia.

    Performance of Theatre-Science events based on the scripts produced by the students, in Italy and Latvian.


    Publication of the SAT Handbook (IT/EN).